Family/Portrait Sessions 
All inclusive sessions begin at $350 
Please contact us for pricing information and to book using the ‘contact’ tab above!

Digital download?  What happened to disks?
-Digital downloads allow us to get your photos to you faster and safer.  CD’s are already the 8-Track tape of the digital storing medium and are not a good long-term storage option.  A digital download will allow you to have your images as soon as the editing process is finished.  We recommend backing your files up on an external hard/flash drive as soon as you can for long-term storage.
What is the difference between WEB and PRINT size? 
-While printing is traditionally the way to display your photos, social media has made the world of photo sharing explode.  We want you to show off your session at home and online!  Web sized images are sized for optimum display, show our logo and give you a digital sharing option without having to purchase full print rights.-“Print” sized images are larger, high-resolution files that are optimized for…well, printing.  These files do not have our logo and come with our limited print release notice.**Beware!  Not all print labs are equal in quality!  We highly recommend using our print labs or another lab of professional quality.  If you pay ANY photographer for professional quality images make sure your final print results show your session with all the beauty it deserves**
Where should we take our pictures?
This is definitely our most asked question and it’s EASY!  A location choice won’t make or break your session, and there really isn’t a ‘perfect’ place.  This is why we always encourage YOU to choose where we take the photos.  It’s always fun to get to go places we normally don’t go!  Your home? A friend’s home? A park you love to go to? Your favorite hangout? Wherever!!  As long as it depicts YOU!  Of course we have places we have been to and like, but getting to explore new locations gets our creative juices flowing and you get a little bit more personalized session out of it.  I say that’s a win win!
What should we wear?
-This is where the pre planning fun take place.  Bright, colorful images are what we go for and your clothing can really help to achieve that!  Don’t get too matchy matchy on us now.  Try to avoid everyone wearing the same color solid shirts.  Bring out the patterns and ACCESORIZE!  The best advice I can give is to choose a color scheme and go with it.  Cool colors, warm colors, etc.  Pick clothes that may not exactly ‘match’ but they look like they ‘go together.’
Will my online gallery expire?
If I get the PRINT size download, where should I print my pictures?
-Please…..please pleeeaaase don’t go just anywhere to print.  You wont be happy that after all that hard work on your face muscles in front of the camera and PAYING to have professional quality images you end up with dull-colored, drab looking prints displayed around your home.  Friends don’t let friends use pharmacy print labs.